My Dog Has Died

If your dog or cat has died within the last few hours. Please follow the steps below to preserve your dogs cells before its too late.

If your dog has just passed then you must act quickly as in right now! There is a 5 day window to successfully extract good quality cells from your beloved friend before the cells begin to deteriorate.

This means that once your dog has passed the body will begin to quickly deteriorate and your chances of extracting quality cells diminishes with every passing day.

Warning! Do not place your dog in the Freezer!

If you do there will be zero chance of cloning your dog. You must wrap your dogs entire body with wet bathing towels and place it in the Refrigerator to keep it cool. Do this first and then contact us right away. Time is of the essence!

Act now!

You must act now to preserve the cells of your dog. Cloning cannot be done with just DNA, Blood, Skin, Hair, Teeth, Etc. Cloning can only be done with live tissue taken from your dog immediately after death. After your dog dies, the deteriation of your dogs live tissue will begin. After 5 days it is too late. There will be no way to clone your dog. You'll need to call us right away and we'll will send you a biopsy kit. Contact us and we'll will ship- a biopsy kit directly to your veterinarian complete with instructions for the doctor to follow. The Biopsy kit is a Styrofoam box with ice packs and vials to store your pets tissues or biopsy samples when shipping back to us. The vet will extract quality tissue and cells from your dogs body.  The Vet will than place your pets biopsy samples in the container and ship it back via next day air to our storage facility. Once there we will will culture the cells from the sample tissue to ensure that the cells are viable. The cells are then frozen and stored in a liquid nitrogen storage container. The cost to store your dogs cells are about $100 per year.

Contact us right now! We will give you emergency instructions on how to store your dog’s body while you wait for the biopsy kit. We will contact your vet with critical instructions. The kit will arrive the next day and the Doctor will perform the biopsy. Keep in mind that you may live in another time zone and if you don’t act now we might be closed by the time you call and won’t be able to ship the kit until the day after tomorrow. This mean precious time is lost!

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