Dog Cloning Services

Dog cloning is now available for your pet. Now you can once again be reunited with your best friend. The science of animal cloning has progressed within the last few years making it possible to clone cats and dogs and a variety of animals. This website has information on steps you can take before and after the death of your pet. For those of you that are interested in cloning your pet we would be glad to help you.

Please be sure to read everything on this website about dog cloning. You should be completely knowledgeable about the cloning of your pet dog before embarking on this wonderful journey.

One of the most important advice that I can give you about cloning your dog is to be well informed and to prepare now. There have been so many people who have contacted me after it is too late. Most people get their knowledge about dog cloning from movies or TV and are misinformed. Learn the facts here before it is too late.

The two dogs I cloned.
The original Wolfie and Bubble that I cloned.


If your Pet Has just died please Click here to get important instruction now before it's too late!