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Wolfie clones

Below are photos of the 2 dog clones and of my trip to Sooam in Korea

Sooam dog cloining company

Here is a photo of me and the amazing people at Sooam Biotech Research Foundation


Here is a video of a Wolfie Clone
dog cloning surrogate motherultra sound for dog cloning  
This is the Surrogate mother of the Wolfie Clones. In the photo to the left Scientists prepare her for an ultra sound
dog cloing ultra sound imageprofessor Hwang  
Left: an Ultra sound image of Wolfie's Surrogate. Little tiny Wolfie's are inside:) Right: Dr. Hwang check the unltra sound image while the Discovery Channel films.  
Professor Hwang and Peter Onruangdog clone puppies  
Left: A photo of Professor Hwang and I. Right: Clone puppies run around a playpen in fron of Sooam Headquarters.  
Dog cloning operating roomSooam Quote  
Right: Photo of myself in the operating room. Sooam gave me complete access. I was right over Dr. Hwang's shoulder as he worked his magic. Right: A quote I saw on Sooam's wall encouraging their young Scientists to achieve their dream.  
surrogate mother and puppy clone dogWolfie clone suckling  
Photo of a Wolfie puppy doggy clone suckling on her surrogate mother  
New dog cloning facility and Professor Hwang New cloning facility  
Professor Hwang and the New Sooam Dog Cloning Facility schedule to open in Early 2012   

Wolfie and Daddy

Wolfie and Daddy in Happy times

Wolfie and Daddy at work

wolfie love me foreverdog clone wolfiewolfie dog clonei love wolfie


Below: My trip to visit the cloning facility in 2009

Dog cloning Doctor

Here is a picture of me with one of the cloning scientistFirst cloned dog snuppy

Snuppy the World's first cloned dog

Me and cloned dog

Here I pose with Snuppy and and Glow in the dark Puppies

glow in the dark puppy 

The Clone puppy on the right has pink pigmentation on its feet

 me and Cloned puppies 

Pink nails 


Non cloned dog 

Our last Sunrise