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My Story


The long journey to clone my 2 beloved dogs began about a decade ago.

It was the year 2000 and my life was terrible. At 30 years old, I was poor and broke. I had driven a taxi for a couple of years and had for been working as a cable guy for almost a year.  Years earlier my life was sweet. I had lots of  money, a nice apartment, and was married to the most amazing girl that I loved with all my heart. Suffice it to say, I spent all my money and I separated from my wife. It was at that very moment my 2 wonderful dogs Wolfie and Bubble cared for my broken heart. Until this day, I have no idea how I would have made it through those horrible times without them.

A life Changing Moment

One day I was crawling in the dark under a customer's home somewhere in the Valley. I had a flash light in one hand and I was pulling cable in another. I was completely miserable. Dirt was on my hands and face and dust was in my mouth. Then, right there in the dark underneath some strangers house, something happened to me. I had a life changing moment.

I stopped what I was doing and there in the dark I spoke aloud and asked myself;

"What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm pulling cable under a house"

"Why are you pulling cable?"

"Because I'm a cable guy"

"Your 30 years old and this is it? This is your life? You're meant to be so much more than that. You were born to be a leader. What the hell are you doing? THIS IS NOT YOU!"

Then came the question of a lifetime..." Are you happy?"  and the answer to that question changed my life forever. I made it a rule to ask myself this question every hour and every time I did the answer was the same. No.

The Next Morning...

Are you happy? No. Why? Because I have to wake up at 5 am to go to work and leave Wolfie and Bubble at home.

6:00 am....Are you happy? No. Why? Because I'm stuck in traffic on my way to work as a cable guy.

Then later... Are you happy? No. Why? Because I am at work and I miss Wolfie and Bubble terribly.

But at 6:00pm my answer was different.

Are you happy? YES! Why? Because I am on my way home to see Wolfie and Bubble!

This was how I realized what my priority in life was. It was happiness and my happiness was tied into my two dogs whom I considered my children.

A Crazy Idea

I had wanted to be a police officer and was applying at different departments around Los Angeles. But there was a problem. I was very attached to my dogs and if I was a cop it would mean long hours at work while they were home alone waiting for me.

My dogs were a huge part of my happiness and I wanted to always be around them. But what to do? What can I do to be with them and have a job at the same time? What about 10 years from now? They'll be very old or would already have passed away. What about then?

Well I had a crazy idea. I would start a company so that I can be the boss. As the boss, I can bring my doggies to work. I would start a company whose sole purpose was to make enough money so that I can pay to have them cloned when the time came.

I did a lot of research and found that although dog cloning was not yet available at the time, Scientist predicted that the technology would be available in about 10 years and would cost about 20 Million dollars.

I remember sitting there for a moment thinking.

"Hmmm. ......10 years and 20 million dollars and I am a cable guy."

My 10 Year Plan

I came up with a simple 10 year plan. I would start my own company and save money. Work hard, save, and live humbly. I did not know how to use a computer or know what it was I would do. I knew that I had a brain, two hand and two legs and can read and write. That and determination fueled by love was all I needed to get started. I knew that if there are other humans in this world that can reach success then I can too.

I bought a computer and went to the bookstore. I read and read. I have not stopped reading since. Today I feel I have walked a million miles. I am so very tired, but have finally reached my goal.

10 Year Mission

It was a 10 year mission. At the end of which I had hope to one day say," I am successful" I am successful at completing my mission to clone Wolfie and Bubble

But was not easy. In 10 years I have changed my life completely. I have traveled to different countries meeting manufactures and suppliers. Developed new products and implemented new ideas. Started 5 businesses and failed at one. I feel I have ran the whole entire time without stopping to take a breath and all along by my side were my best friends Wolfie and Bubble.

I named my company after my dog Wolfie. I promised myself that I would run Wolfie's company with honesty and integrity and would always treat customers fairly. I set my goals to make 20 Million dollars.

I never did make that amount but fortunately as the years passed and the cost of dog cloning came down, I had enough to pay for the cloning.


Bubble passed away in 2007. Wolfie died in my arms in February 2009. I know of no words that can express the pain my heart felt when Wolfie left me alone in this world. I buried my heart in a tiny grave and made Johnny Walker my best friend.

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