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Wolfie and Bubble

About Wolfie and Bubble



Wolfie and Bubble's 10th Birthday

Wolfie and Bubble are sisters. They were born February 24th 1994

Bubble passed away in 2007 at age 13

Wolfie died a day after her 15th Birthday February 25th 2009

My dream to clone them started in 2000. Although dog cloning was not available at the time, I knew that it would one day be possible. I also knew that it would be very expensive. Back then I was poor and had no money and poor credit. I came up with a simple 10 year plan. I would start my own company and save money. Work hard, save, and live humbly. I did not know how to use a computer or know what it was I would do. I knew that I had a brain, two hand and two legs and can read and write. That and determination fueled by love was all I needed to get started. I knew that if there are other humans in this world that can reach success then I can too.

I bought a computer and went to the bookstore. I read and read. I have not stopped reading since. Today I feel I have walked a million miles. I am so very tired, but have almost reached my goal.

I am cloning my dogs because I love them and miss them. Please read my full story here


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