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I Love Wolfie dog clones
Original Wolfie 2 puppy clones of the Orginal Wolfie

Steps to Cloning Your Dog

If your Pet Has just died please Click here now before it's too late!

Step 1

Have your veteranarian extract live tissue from your dog while it is still alive. If you dog has just recently died within the last 5 days, please click here now. (If you're dog is still alive please continue reading.) You'll need to order a biopsy kit from us. Contact us and we will ship a biopsy kit directly to your veterinarian complete with instructions for the doctor to follow. The Biopsy kit is a Styrofoam box with ice packs and vials to store your pets tissues or biopsy samples when shipping back to us. The vet will place your dog under anesthesia and perform a small surgery to extract quality tissue and cells from your dog.  The Vet will than place your pets biopsy samples in the container and ship it back via next day air to our storage facility. Once there we will culture the cells from the sample tissue to ensure that the cells are viable. The cells are then frozen and stored in a liquid nitrogen storage container. The cost for this will be about $1,200. The cost to store your dogs cells are about $100 per year. If your dog has already passed away and you did not save his cells then it is too late. Dogs cannot be cloned from blood, DNA, hair, or teeth. Cloning your dog is only possible with live tissue.

Step 2

When you are ready to clone your dog please contact me by clicking here.

Your Payment will go to the dog cloning company and they will request some of the cells of your dog from us. We will then have you sign a release form authorizing them to ship your dogs cells to Sooam Biotech research facility in Seoul Korea. We may still store the remaining cells at their storage facility for later use if neccessary. You will sign a contract between Sooam and yourself regarding the of the cloning of your dog. The contract basically says that Sooam Biotech will attempt to clone your dog but offers no guarantee on success. They will have 1 year to attempt to clone your dog. If after 1 year passes and they are unable to clone your dog then they will refund your money.

Step 3

Once your dog clone is born you will have to wait until the clone is at least 2 months before you can return with your best friend again by plane. You will be responsible for all cost to Korea inluding food, plane ticket, hotel, and miscellaneous expenses.


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