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Wolfie and Bubble double dog clones
Origninal Wolfie and Bubble. They passed away in 2007 and 2009 I received two clones of each. I now have 2 Wolfies and 2 Bubbles.

Cloning Your Dog

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photo of dog cloning scientist


Photo taken at the Korean Airport. Going home with the 2 Wolfies. In the center is a Cloning researcher who took care of them and loved them. It's very difficult for her to say goodbye to them. To the right is one of clonings top scientist.


The cost to clone 1 dog is $50,000 USD


For several years the cost to clone a dog was about 100K. Recent advances in technology has made it much affordable now.


Prepare Ahead if you can



The first steps you have to make is to prepare by preserving the cells of your dog while she/he is still alive.  You'll need to order a Biopsy Kit. Contact us and we'll will ship a biopsy kit directly to your veterinarian complete with instructions for the doctor to follow. The Biopsy kit is a Styrofoam box with ice packs and vials to store your pets tissues or biopsy samples when shipping back to the cell preservation and storage company. The vet will place your dog under anesthesia and perform a small surgery to extract quality tissue and cells from your dog.  The Vet will than place your pets biopsy samples in the container and ship it back via next day air to us . Once we receive it, we will culture the cells from the sample tissue to ensure that the cells are viable. The cells are then frozen and stored in a liquid nitrogen storage container. The cost to store your dogs cells are about $100 to $300 per year.


 cat and dog cloning


Once you are ready to have your pet cloned, the dog cloning company will contact us and have some of your dogs cells shipped next day air to their cloning facility.  We will will still keep some samples in their storage facility as backup incase something happens to the shipment. The Korean scientists will then test the cells again to make sure they are viable and good for cloning.  If the cells are not good then The we will send them more samples of your dogs cells. The process takes about 6 months for the clones to be born.  Once born the new clone will have to be at least 2 months old before he/she can board a plane to go home with you.



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Will the dog clone act the same as the original dog?


We are the sum of our experiences. Our personality is unique to our individual selves. It is our past experiences that shape who and what we are today.  The books we read, the movies we watch, the things we’ve done and the mistakes and decisions we make are part of who we are today.  The way our parents raised us and the environment we grew up in play a big role in what we eventually become. The same holds true for dogs. If the new clone grows up in the same environment as the original dog than the personality will be the same or closely similar.

Our universe is so amazingly beautiful and mysterious. There are so many things about our universe that is so utterly incredible and there are also many things we humans cannot even fathom. Take a moment and think of the little things we do know about our universe. As you sit here reading the words on this page there are radio waves filled with music passing through your body. Transmitted from a radio station to your radio.  There are thousands of cell phone conversations that are magically transmit over the air invisibly passing over oceans and land and through your body. We send movies and information digitally through air and cable directly to your television, computer, and smart phone.


Then there is the beauty of mathematics and music. How did we do that? How do we figure out and create things?.  How did we come up with songs that evoke emotions. How did we figure out mathematics that are the building blocks for the things we experience everyday.  How about the beauty and wonder of our galaxy? The concept of time and distance of life and evolution….and what about love? An emotion so powerful that it makes us humans do things we would never have done without the emotion called love.


And what about the trillions of planets spinning in the darkness of space? So beautiful it steals your breath away.

 With so much we have yet to understand how do we know if the souls of our beloved pets are not with us. Who’s to say that love is just as powerful after death than in life? That the soul of your lost pet is gone forever or perhaps reborn in their clone.

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